28 / AUGUST / 2019

Unexpected stories about NEO BOHEMIANS

#AWAKE3 was a real blast, but our Neo Bohemian story has come to an end. After 4 days filled with music, arts and freedom, we feel more energized and inspired than ever. It was a multi-sensorial feast to remember 

Fashion was a big part of it. If you wandered on Teleki grounds, you might have seen our #BohemianBlastCapsule items worn as a celebration of the innovative spirit of today’s young creatives and sages. 

Here are the 5 highlights of the fashion micro-universe created by you, bohemians! 

How should you feel when going to a festival? Free. And this was felt in how everyone carried themselves and their outfits. 

Tie-dye prints, oversized garments, John Lennon glasses, bold colors, but most of all the smell of teen spirit. 

You can never go wrong with black and this was crystal clear in the low-key but impactful all black ensembles. You spiced them up by juxtaposing materials and textures and by adding small details. Ice-cream included. It was the classy, yet imaginative #bohemianblast 

The weather was moody, but you took full advantage of it and brought to light your rainproof outfits. AWAKErs are true festival goersready to shine under any weather conditions with their ritzy rainboots on. 

The nights were extra bright with touches of color incorporated in the most creative ways in jackets, tops or make-up. Bold colors for bold spirits, proclaiming emotional excitement and ecstatic encounters.

The free spirited with unconventional lifestyles found an escape at #AWAKE3 that suited their creative ethos. The balance between relaxation and mental stimulation was felt in the casual, but cool clothing. Wanderers, adventurers, dreamers, all of them living the uncluttered life, fertile for their creative endeavors.